Characterization of the key aroma compounds in Pink Guava Psidium guajava L. Aroma impact components of Brazilian Cabernet Sauvignon wines using detection frequency analysis GC-olfactometry. Result showed that a total 68 major volatile compounds were identified in fresh and pickled bamboo shoots by GC-MS analysis; 38 volatile compounds in fresh bamboo shoots were identified. In addition, p -cresol also had higher intensity in the pickled samples detected compounds. Phytochem Analysis , 21 5 , Acids commonly exhibit pungent and unpleasant odor thus they may be have significantly influence on the flavor of pickled bamboo shoots.

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As for pickled samples, 52 major volatile compounds were identified, the main of which included ethanol, 1-hexanol, hexanal, methoxy-phenyl-oxime and acetic acid.

The bamboo shoots pickles were taken out from the jar and sampled after 3 months storage. The sniffing test 660 the odor compounds in Bamboo shoots pickles was performed by three trained persons with reference compounds. Esters are probably produced through the biosynthetic pathway in bamboo shoots cell pri during pickling fermentation.

However, only acetic acid 0. GC-O technique was used to analyze the odor characterization of fresh and pickled bamboo shoots. Moreover, 17 flavor-active compounds in fresh samples were identified by GC-O analysis. Among the aldehydes, hexanal 9.

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The identifications of some volatile compounds were only performed using mass spectrometry data because the retention index was unavailable. Standard values could then be related to indices from GC-MS sample analysis and compared with published values from compounds of known identity. Benzaldehyde was also the highest flavor intensity in pickled bamboo shoots, thereby its pungent and astringen flavor had also significant effect on the flavor of pickled bamboo shoots.


Nutritional Properties of Bamboo Shoots: Among them, ethanol, 1-hexanol, hexanal, methoxy-phenyl-oxime and acetic acid were the main volatile compounds, which accounted for Among the ketones, 4,4-dimethylpentanone 1.

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Biosynthesis of straigh-chain ester volatiles in red delicious and granny smith apples using deuterium-labeled precursors. Comparison of volatile compositions between fresh and pickled bamboo shoots. The results will benefit the li knowledge about the effect of the pickling process on the volatile and flavor of bamboo shoots, and provide test data for the special flavor quality assessment of pickled bamboo shoots.

Chemical analysis of French beans Phaseolus vulgaris L. The differences of flavor features between fresh and pickled bamboo shoots suggested that flavor components in fresh bamboo shoots had obviously changed after the pickling process.

A to lrri the significant difference of the results.

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In addition, 2-pentylfuran At the same time, acids had the highest flavor intensity and were the main flavor compounds in pickled bamboo shoots. Influence of ripening temperature on the volatiles profile and flavor of Cheddar cheese made from raw or pasteurised milk. Four acids were identified from the pickled bamboo shoots, which accounted for This change may be attributed to some chemical and biochemical changes during the bamboo shoots pickle fermentation.


In fresh bamboo shoots, aldehydes had the highest flavor intensity and were the main flavor compounds, as well as grass and astringent flavor were the key flavor-active. The most abundant esters were ethyl acetate 0. Among them, hexanal 7.

Therefore, the formation mechanism of the rancid favor during pickle fermentation is needed to be investigated in future. Olfactory perception of major odorants found in the headspace of aqueous soy protein isolate slurries.

Value addition to bamboo shoots: Furthermore, pungent and rancid flavor was the key flavor-active in pickled bamboo shoots. April 08, Accepted: Among the acids, acetic acid 6. Characterization and semiquantitative analysis of volatiles in seedless watermelon varieties using solid-phase microextraction.