Otherwise, port is marked authorized by. We chose an alpha2 as that is also used by the. MAC address various uses. Also, WExt backward compatibility will be implemented as an interface between userspace and cfg I think that information should just be available inside cfg in a global structure for use by drivers whenever they need it with some accessor methods to ensure locked access.

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Netlink can be compared to a socket between the kernel and the user space. Send a TDLS discovery request. You can search in the linux-wireless mailing list or even try asking them.

IBSS networks are not permitted. Process ID of a network namespace. TX retry limit for frames whose length is. MarcosCordeiro 93 1 8.

Optional mesh setup parameters. Associated with this BSS. High level TDLS operation; see. Currently, this means the underlying driver. Request an interface’s configuration. Nested attributes containing the limits. Also, how do I know if the nl8021 supports AP mode or not? RSSI threshold in dBm.


Indicates whether to use CCK rate or not. Request to remain awake on the specified. If it’s not running, the kernel simply starts from a generic no-frills set. To stop this notification from. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. These triggers can be configured through this. Sign up using Email and Password.

Probe an associated station on an AP interface. CRDA replies by sending a regulatory.

en/developers/Documentation/nl – Linux Wireless

Channel is disabled in current. Thu, 28 Sep If no SSID is passed, no probe requests are sent and.

When an interface changes type while registrations are active. Enable this option if an authentication. I’m still not sure if there should be an explicit ‘device supports configuration parameters x, y and z’ or linuc userspace should just grab the current configuration which is supposed to be complete then and see what’s in it.

About nl80211

This beacon hint is only sent if your device had. Attribute number 0 is reserved.


Register this socket to receive beacons from. This command is used give the driver. Send a TDLS management frame.