Or, when the primary disk fails, you can’t boot if your bios doesn’t support booting from a second disk. Thomas-Krenn is a synonym for servers made in Germany. The array-info tool can extract the RAID status for cciss devices. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Same source requirements as the CLI tools.

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Instead with the same server, same disks but with areca controller i was getting much better performance. The 3ware card for some reason doesn’t display a message when the 3ware bios is loading to press ALT-3 to enter the 3ware bios to configure the attached drives No other RAID solution lets you pull a disk out of archive and plug it into your desktop 3warr USB adapter to view the contents of the disk.

Have a look at Thomas-Krenn.

[ubuntu] Adding 3Ware SE – Drives not seen by OS

I do not see anything in the log that looks like the drives are discovered. We assemble and deliver in Europe within 24 hours. Originally Posted by ttyxzs. You can check the status and other things using ljnux sas2ircu utiliity.


What exactly were your problems with 3ware in Linux? Debian kernel freezes rejected IO to offline devices in case array becomes downgraded ie one disk failed. My objective is to get this card working with Linjx, have the drives recognized by Ubuntu, and ultimately configure 4 drives attached to the 3ware card in RAID 5 [hardware raid, not “fake raid”].

Information about how the consistency of RAID arrays controlled by 3ware controllers can be tested can be found in the section referred to in the following article:. You can get help regarding the individual commands by entering the corresponding command and pressing the Enter key. Or, because RAID metadata is often stored at the end of the disk, you can just mount -o ro. Same source requirements as the CLI tools. In my little experience, I didn’t find 3ware so well behaving under linux.

The interface may stop responding a few seconds. Furthermore, the following commands are very appropriate for deployment in scripts that will be periodically executed to notify server administrators by email, for example, when there are problems with the status of the RAID arrays. The documentation for the command line interface can also be found on the home page of the Areca support site:.

The desktop version is not mentioned by 3waee Linux kernel drivers 3.


However it use an awfull InstallShield installer which should be avoided in any case. Command-line utilities are packaged for Debian as dpt-i2o-raidutils. No opensource tools for 3Ware cards currently exist. With tw-cli, use the “update” feature:. BTW, with the dmraid tool you can assemble raid member disks from a large variety of vendors into an lihux.

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October 10th, 8.

3Ware Eskalad series

Archttp is statically linked so it will run in virtually all circumstances. The RPM can be converted to. I know that on server edition it’s allowed.

More details A blog post claim supermicro provide a tool to get the status out from the command line.

If such information is easily available, monitoring tools can be written to detect and report failures. Your feedback is welcome Printable version.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated! Information regarding rebuilding units connected to 3ware RAID controllers can be found in the following article:.