They’re also very flat, which minimizes accidental depressions. Skip to main content. Nate Regular Member Recent member Posts: Most of the controls are still on the top and front sides; the hold switch sits next to the rubber-covered USB port on the bottom edge. This should also serve as a template for any product managers reading this review. Not good for music so much because you can only fit like 2 songs on it. Show less Show more.

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Hopefully Nate can chime in. IRiver was able to speed up the already fast boot time with the T.

I don’t know how much a USB 2. I sent another email today. On the face of the player sits an LCD and a four-way joystick. Show less Show more. I bought mine in April and it broke just today 5 Dec This was followed by a string of solid flash players and a successor to the SlimX. ofp390t

iRiver iFP-390T Black ( 256 MB ) Digital Media Player

But that was an easy purchase from the local Target. Elapsed or Remaining Battery Select: Not bad, but I wish it lasted longer.


You may also like. As you can see in the images, the T is based on the same triangular iiriver that has served iRiver well.

[ubuntu] IRiver IFPT

This might sound like a minor point, but anyone who’s used a pokey ifp39t knows how frustrating it can be. Resumes play from there or starts at root directory. Another exemplary product from iRiver. Irivef the aforementioned entry-level model, they all share the same features and functions. Actually the entry-level model doesn’t have the recording or the FM tuner, but most of the line does. The T is my portable of choice; I almost always have it with me.

AGC On or Off, sampling frequency The player also sounds great in terms iriveer straight fidelity. One of the jacks is a standard headphone out; the other is a line-in for recording from an external source.

Skip to main content. While the neck strap tab used to double as a weapon, the other end is now the if390t end. The T is endowed with iRiver’s outlandishly detailed menu system.


Mono or Stereo, sampling frequency Much, much lighter than my 20gb iPod.

Iriver iFPT Manuals

The volume slider still goes up to 40, but 30 is more than enough for all but the noisiest environments. The players would feature line-in recording and more powerful headphone amps. Additionally, you can give it a quick push and then hold in order to move from folder to folder. As things are, you get outstanding sound quality, an obscenely complete menu system, and more features than you’ll ever need. Keep in mind that this review can be considered a template for any of the series players.

It was also great because it was so light! It takes under one second to access your iriveg. What should I do?