Install the registry file and then the audio driver. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. I will go for the Crucial. Thanks very much, in that case I will try to get hold of a retail license. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Dell Inspiron 640m Parts

As is the norm with Dell products, there is a wide choice of options available for insiron to configure your m exactly as you want it. I tried to stick with as few extra Dell drivers as possible. 6400m second one I think it was refurbished 3 years: The OEM license is non-transferable so you cannot legally transfer a key from scrap hardware… Some eBay sellers may state that you can and that you can use Microsoft phone activation… to activate but this is basically misleading and it should be considered that they are selling non-genuine Windows.

So again, thanks a bunch Philip, I now have a totally transformed, responsive Laptop. Thanks in advance for any suggestion and keep on the good work with your guide. The 6400m task with Dell machines is to match the sent configuration with what is available on their site.

Rebooted PC using copied configuration, with all recovery partitions intact as at this point the SSD was an exact copy of the original drive. Cyber Systems X17 Core 2 Source: IT Reviews Dell has been refreshing and updating its Inspiron line of laptops, replacing old models with new ones incorporating the latest technologies. Please, switch off ad blockers.


With this particular model, there were very few flaws, and none inpiron these was sufficient to warn against this notebook. Dell Inspiron e and Inspiron m Review Source: Thanks for the info.

Inspiron 640m – Windows 7 and 8.1 32 Bit

Since then, it seems to run cooler. However the upgrade to Windows 10 will be out in about half a year. To support the running costs of this site, as well as the costs of test hardware needed to keep the guides up to date.

Dell – Inspiron m review Source: Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Phil, thanks a bunch, I recommend this page as a great resource for upgrading a m. Or do I rather need to go for the retail version instead as described above? I did also noticed the fan running a bit hot, and during the keyboard diagnosis I had taken the Dell Chipset drivers. This model and Operating System is not supported by Dell.

I have had a Crucial V4 fail on me before but these drives were simply terrible. And now I just want a drive to last forever, or at least until my mother buys another laptop or a tablet. Once you clean install Windows 7 on this Dell with the Windows Updates and system drivers, you should install Dell Backup and Recovery to make new factory settings from the clean install and then make a recovery USB. Thank you for all the time, energy, and knowledge that you are sharing with everyone here!


Dell Inspiron m – External Reviews

For example this one says:. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Congratulations for this guide. Believe it or not, there is noone who sells that part individually in Amazon. I will go for the Crucial.

I have an Inspiron M, its hard drive is not working, apparently is gone, and I would like to upgrade it with an SSD. Dell Inspiron m Average Score: I have had a few Crucial M4s and a few MXs and these have been reliable.