Sign up using Facebook. Batch processing with executeBatch hangs or is unreliable on Sybase. The solution is to set the “TDS” property to “4. When calling a stored procedure that has output parameters, the driver has to call the procedure using a remote procedure call RPC. Features such as generated keys retrieval, named stored procedure parameters, and save points are also implemented.

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The name of the jTDS jar file may be jtds If your program is accessing a named instance not the default instance in the database DO NOT specify the port but you must specify the instance name.

JTDS Driver

Please note that this flag only alters the behavior of executeUpdate ; execute will still return all update counts. Why do I get a java. The exact values to use in the new URL neh.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.driver beyond the scope of this documentation; they must be chosen based on the jTDS settings they are replacing. Actually we do have benchmark results from two different benchmarks, both developed by large commercial SQL Server JDBC driver vendors to demonstrate the performance of their own drivers.

What should I do? net.sourfeforge.jtds.jdbc.driver

Transitioning from jTDS to Microsoft’s JDBC driver – Atlassian Documentation

Sign up using Email and Password. Click here to find all the technical details However, you can run any of the benchmarks yourself, the effort is minimal. I’m trying to connect to SQL Server 6. The default install does not configure the SQL Browser service to start automatically so you must do it manually.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If you are wanting to set the username and password in the connection string too instead of against a connection object separately:. Net.eourceforge.jtds.jdbc.driver in the distribution package for information on how to install it. Memory Usage Memory usage keeps increasing when using generated PreparedStatements.

Because there is no URL when using the JtdsDataSource there are three other properties with setters and getters to take the place of those items that are part of the URL’s syntax: Other I nets.ourceforge.jtds.jdbc.driver find the answer to my problem in this Net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.drivver. In these circumstances the driver raises an exception and execution fails. Scenario iwhile it does work, is not necessarily a good solution because it requires a lot of locking and waiting on the same network connection plus last but not least a lot of caching.

This is common if say you are querying a stored procedure that creates a temp table, runs updates against it net.sourceforgej.tds.jdbc.driver then returns the table as a result set. This means among other things that it cannot access platform-specific features, such as determining the currently logged user and his credentials. Regarding your Connection net.sourceforge.jtds.jbc.driver error, double check that you’re running SQL Server on portthat the service is running and that you don’t have a firewall blocking incoming connections.

Microsoft’s driver is actively maintained, where jTDS hasn’t been updated since and prior to the small round of updates done in it hadn’t been updated for multiple years.


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Can jTDS be used in a multi threaded application? I hope this clarifies some of the confusion emanating from the errors above. Although queries returning multiple results are not very common, it is the reason why this behavior is customizable from the URL. When calling a stored procedure that has output parameters, the driver has to call the procedure using a remote procedure call RPC.

So, for maximum compatibility, it is recommended that you use execute anytime you run queries returning more than one result even if the particular driver you are using allows you to do otherwise.

We will make the necessary changes. If that’s the case, replace jtds. You are very probably using TDS 4. A shot in the dark, but From net.sourceforte.jtds.jdbc.driver looks of your error message, it seems that either the sqlserver instance is not running on port or something is blocking the requests to that port.

If you can’t figure out why, ask your network administrator for help. For the moment you can get technical support from individual developers of jTDS. The root cause is that triggers also return update counts and jTDS can’t make the difference between these update counts and the “real” one neither could any other SQL Server client.