So my comments are more as a video person, looking for better audio, and adding some Acid mixes to my soundtrack, rather than a pro like DSE who has years more experience in this field. Peter, I’ve had no problems with lock up issues with the Wamirack24 at all, but then I am only using S4. Good, bad or ugly? I found many uses for this neat little application, including sending a final mix straight to SoundForge or Wavelab without having to first export the mixdown. Make sure to click in the EWDM driver menu option. I’m also looking into Sonar for original recording, since VV3 only support the windows sound mapper at this time. Running the softsynths was just as pleasant with no missfires in the system at all.

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I have made the Waveterminal M a permanant addition to the PigPen, and am looking at adding one of their newer larger interfaces as well. While I don’t have surround speaker hooked up to the Waveterminal, I was still able to mix in surround and the card waveherminal downmixed to the studio monitors.

The analog inputs and outputs can be found on a sturdy, well built breakout box which also has two phantom powered TRS inputs which are right beside the 4 unbalanced inputs. Return to posts index. I have a WAveterminal M and it works great, never had any problems with the card or drivers. I recently decided to upgrade my sound recording and editing capabilites from the Audigy. For me this was handy for mixing in External hardware synths into the mix as it went to SoundForge or WaveLab without anyproblems wavsterminal all.


Waveterminal 192M

I would recomend this before many of the more expensive interfaces. JoePaz Max Output Level: Very steady interface, easy to get up and running, configures easily in waveetrminal applications. They also make firewire and usb based audio tools. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

To be truthful, I don’t know much about midi, and need to learn more. It seems similar to re-wire but is waveterminxl independent.

Thats’ great since I have a VIA southbridge chipset with the latest drivers. This however was simply fixed by uninstalling the older driver set and installing the newer version from ESI’s website. And excellant cost for performance value. According to the sales rep, it can load huge mdid samples directly of the hard drive instead of having to load them into ram first. This card featurewise sits between an Audiophile and one of the higher end cards like the or the Terratec EWS Playing them live was just as clean as running them with a midi track.


Peter J Max Output Level: In the meantime, where are these ESI forums you speak of? Plus the hope of getting great audio quality when editing in VV3.

It is also a plus if you plan on running any FX plugs live while recording a track. Essentials Only Full Version. Wavterminal just hold on tight.

And the same for both wavetrrminal and out of the optical on the daughter card. Set-up Setting up pgo my software to use the Waveterminal was again a very simple task. One of the best prices I found is at http: Colorado Springs, CO Status: I found many uses for this neat little application, including sending a final mix straight to SoundForge or Wavelab without having to first export the mixdown.

Thanks for your post.

ESI – Product Archive: Waveterminal X

The newer drivers come with ESI’s own uninstaller. And these can even be used simultaneously. Wavelab did take a few moments to set itself up as it didnt want to accept the driver change at first.

The drivers are rock solid both ASIO 2.