The software is very good at recognizing recorded voice tags, doesn’t make dangerous guesses like certain otherwise beloved Nokia S60 3rd Edition smartphones our Nokia N80 and E70 have a nasty habit of picking and dialing international contacts from our address books when they couldn’t understand us. While you can navigate the menus and input information via the touch screen, the also is adorned with other controls and shortcuts for operating the smart phone. Hugely loud and clear! If coverage is your overriding concern, it would be nearly impossible to go wrong here. The phone does not power down when you open the battery door. Stereo earbud headset with mic included in the box. No need to power down the device to insert or remove a card.

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Up to 8x digital zoom. Range with the Pulsar was xingular impressive 30 feet– if you go out of range the music stops and once you get back in range the music pipes through again. At the same time they supplied a ROM update that finally enabled push-to-talk. Just be careful not to push up the screen when you’re gripping the phone this way, which we did on a couple of occasions.

AT&T review: AT&T – CNET

The is also a strong device and if you’re not in a 3G area congular don’t crave faster CPU performance it makes a worthy alternative for the budget conscious. The TyTN has a dedicated video call button and a VGA camera just above the display but this feature and hardware have been removed from the Cingular It’s wonderful indoors but like many PDA phones, don’t expect to see much in bright 825. This can double when the screen is off for longer voice calls; on the flip side, any use of Wi-Fi will eat into talk time rather severely.


Sample images have been resized and recompressed for upload. Outlook on the PDA has calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and email called Messagingwhich you can sync to a Windows desktop running Outlook. Now you can scroll through contacts, programs and anything else without using the stylus. Camera How we’ve waited 85525 say this about a smartphone camera– it’s quite good.

The Cingular which we praised highly in our February review, was loved not just by us but by our readers. The excellent keyboards on each are identical. Just as clearly, the device needs to function well as a phone and it does indeed.

You get the Microsoft Office Mobile suite with full editing capabilities and a PowerPoint presentation viewer. As a rule, most of these devices have achingly slow processors, in the to MHz range.

It has to be pretty dark for the light sensor to trigger the keyboard backlighting, and I found myself covering the sensor in dim lighting cingulae trick it to turn on.

Don’t show this again. The battery lives under a large plastic door on the back and that door releases with the slide of a latch on the bottom of the device.

Cingular 8525

In addition the Cingular and TyTN have speed dial, support for call waiting, call barring and auto-answering of incoming calls. Without exaggeration, the has the best signal performance that I have seen out of any GSM device without the use of an external 88525 antenna.

The Cingular uses Microsoft’s basic Bluetooth stack which doesn’t have much of a user interface but gets the job done. However, if you don’t live in or near a metro area, or are in an area where Cingular’s 3G coverage will be a long time coming, the ‘s faster CPU and better camera might lean you toward it rather than the Other buttons on the left spine include an OK key, a push-to-talk button, and a microSD expansion slot.


Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s The bubbly keys are tactile and large, and the backlighting is bright enough for typing in dark environments. Video quality is just average with some loss of sync at higher resolutions and blockiness. That button isn’t remappable using the Buttons settings applet, but Sleuth on Ckngular Developer’s web site has developed a small app that allows you to re-map it to the voice dialer or another application if you prefer.

If you’re a heavy PDA user, the wins.

Cingular 8525 Review

The wheel also doubles as a volume controller while you’re on a phone call. The is obviously sold by Cingular in the US and it is locked to Cingular you must use their SIM in the phone unless you get it unlocked. I noticed when I started messing with the that it was only reporting two bars cinvular coverage.

The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for The afore mentioned scroll wheel and OK button are on the left along with a button to launch voice dialing press and hold for voice recorder on the TyTN. As the first 3G PDA phone and smartphone announced in the US, the has special appeal to those who use the web and email heavily, assuming you’re in a 3G coverage area.

The smart phone is also pricey.