Then, shortly thereafter, we were forced to reconsider once we got our hands on Abit’s implementation. In keeping with its support for fast memory, the GE models integrated graphics runs at a core speed of MHz, while the G models integrated graphics run at only MHz. The features of the make for a solid system, but also indicate that the is a bit behind the cool technology curve. Meanwhile, their hardware partners in Taiwan and China also ship a tremendous number of boards using Intel chipsets. In this article, youll learn about the features of each member of the family and discover which of the chipsets might be the best choice in your next Pentium 4 or Celeron-based PC. But what a difference that one change makes.

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Both chipsets offer enhanced bit audio and support for digital video and TV-out.

Intel’s 845PE and 845GE chipsets

LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. The Intel G and GE chipsets offer the best of both worlds because they offer integrated video for initial use plus an AGP 4x slot for future high-performance video upgrades. 84p5e be able to activate and utilize the HT Technology, you will need the following: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Customize The Tech Report There’s even an optional dancing midget. It offers an AGP 4x video slot, but has no onboard video. This board, dubbed “Blue Mountain” internally at Intel, looks like something out of Taiwan, not a typical mobo from Intel’s button-down desktop board division.


Rapid Pixel and Texel Rendering Engine uses pipelines to overlap 2D and 3D operations, provides 8x data compression to improve the use of memory bandwidth, and features a multi-tier cache for 3D operations. Low-cost chipsets with integrated video are nothing new: Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.

In a survey of recent reviews from noted hardware review sources, its clear that the PE and GE chipsets are the fastest members of the family, thanks in large part to support for DDR memory and a MHz FSB speed.

The Intel Chipset Family | The Intel Chipset Family | InformIT

About us Chipsft policy Mailing list Mobile. The PE chipset addresses this shortcoming. Motherboards using various members of the family are available from Intel and most other major motherboard vendors. Intel has released quite a few chipsets in Beyond these similarities, however, the seven different members of the are quite different.

Toms Hardwares reviews of motherboards using the G include http: And for a look at the astonishing new features Intel included, for the first time, on this motherboard, just head to the next page. In general, the best chipset with integrated video is the GE, and the best chipser without integrated video is the PE.


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For our final analysis, including whether to buy it or not, head to Conclusions and Recommendations. Post a Comment Comment. As Table 1 8845pe clear, different members of the family are best suited for different tasks. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Intel built its core logic reputation on a foundation of stability and compatibility. Chipsets Previous page Next page. Keep reading to find out.

Sharkey Extreme reviews the G at http: However, the E also supports ECC error correction, making this chipset an updated version of the With seven different models to choose from, selecting the right series chipset can be tricky. Simply put, its a method for turning a single physical processor into two virtual processors, with each virtual processor handling different threads series of tasks. Beyond 85pe, the features are familiar: Use Table 1 to provide an overview of the major differences between each of these chipsets.